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The Clean Cooling reference
at European level

We want an ambitious EU legislation fostering innovation and maintaining global HVAC&R leadership.


We believe the fastest way to decarbonise the heating and cooling sectors is to foster the use of natural refrigerants across all segments of the HVAC&R industry.

We share the concern on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) by five European countries’ chemical authorities in charge of drafting the Restriction Intention. This regulatory measure is likely to affect most of the fluorinated synthetic refrigerants in use today, and we support this effort aimed at tackling the reduction of these fluorinated substances.




As regulatory efforts on fluorinated gases at global level (Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol) and at European Union level (EU F-Gas Regulation and REACH Restriction Intention) set the path for all HVAC&R industry’s stakeholders, the long-term viability of these substances is in question. The need to increasingly grow the number of HVAC&R’s experts within the clean cooling and natural refrigerants sector is therefore evident.