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CCC Members Support Ambition in a Letter for the EU F-gas Trilogue

CCC EU F-gas Trilogue Ambition

Members of the Clean Cooling Coalition have signed a letter calling for ambition in the trilogue on the EU F-gas Regulation between the European Parliament, Council of the EU and European Commission.

The letter can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. Companies supporting the letter’s objectives can sign it by filling in this form:

“We, as signatories of this letter, are all companies active in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry (RACHP) that work with natural refrigerant-based solutions and believe these working fluids are the way to go for the future of our industry,” states the initiative.

The signatories ask policymakers to ensure streamlined uptake of natural refrigerants through training and certification, adopt the latest scientific global warming potential values of refrigerants, shift the focus from the 100-year timeframe to the “real” 20-year timeframe, consider PFAS in the negotiations and support f-gas bans across RACHP sectors, whether stationary systems or mobile.

As of 18 September, the letter counts the support of over 40 companies active in the industry with natural refrigerants.

The letter can be consulted it its entirety clicking here.