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CCC Member pbx: Newly Designed NatRefs Transport Refrigeration System for EVs Becomes Market-Ready

pbx, the Austria-based CCC member developing transport refrigeration solutions with NatRefs for electric vehicle (EVs), showcases its new ecos M24 propane (R290)-based refrigeration unit for light commercial EVs at the IAA Transportation conference, on September 20–25 in Hanover, Germany.

The system matches the needs of market operators to detach transport refrigeration from both combustion engine technology and reliance on highly climate-altering fluorinated greenhouse gases or PFASs. Both aspects are of great concern for the sector, which strives to develop as sustainably as technologically allowed.

pbx has produced this “first market-ready propane solution for transport refrigeration” to achieve “real” zero emission in the sector.

Following 18 months of field tests, conducted in partnership with an Austrian food producer, the benefits of the ecos M24 have been validated, and the unit is now market-ready. pbx explained that the unit is easy to install, requires “no refrigeration knowledge” and is designed to require “zero maintenance” to maximize vehicle availability.

Photo courtesy of pbx

“By presenting pbx ecos M24 at the IAA to the public, the transport refrigeration business is now entering the age of natural refrigerants,” explained Dominik Radler, Co-Founder, CTO pbx.

“European innovation showed once again that natural refrigerants are at the core of our understanding of sustainable cooling. True and honest zero emission are made possible with these systems.”

“With great pride of our European partners we recognised that ECOOLTEC also presented a natural refrigerant solution (with R1270) for trailers and trucks: there is no reason to go with synthetic refrigerants anymore,” he concluded.

pbx is a full-service provider based in Korneuburg, Austria, offering clients environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for the refrigerated transport of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products, among others. It also covers systems designed for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning based on natural refrigerants

More information on pbx and ecosM24 can be found at the following Hydrocarbon.21 article.