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CCC New Member: Konvekta Joins the Coalition, Supporting Ambition on NatRef Mobile AC Systems

CCC Konvekta Mobile AC

German OEM Konvekta has joined the Clean Cooling Coalition (CCC) to support ambitious aims in the negotiations over the revision of the EU F-gas Regulation and the upcoming process of the PFAS Universal Restriction Intention.

Konvekta joins other European innovators in the CCC as the pioneer for CO2 (R744) air/water heat pump systems in buses & rolling stock and has developed this market from the scratch. Konvekta has won the highly respected German Environment Award.

“Konvekta develops and produces air conditioning systems for buses, construction and agricultural machinery, electric vehicles as well as rail vehicles and cooling systems for tempered transports.” the company reports on its website. “Furthermore, Konvekta stands for the use of sustainable technologies and environmentally friendly materials as well as great social commitment.”

Mobile AC has so far not been covered by the EU F-gas Regulation. The only existing EU legislation to address this is the Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) Directive from 2006, which regulates passenger-car refrigerants in air-conditioning systems.

However, many other applications can be served with systems such as those provided by Konvekta without using halogenated substances, and political parties are negotiating the inclusion of bans in systems such as trains, trams and metros to avoid regrettable substitutions in these applications.