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CCC Reacts to EU F-gas Provisional Agreement

EU F-Gas proposal

A provisional agreement between the European Council and the European Parliament on the revised EU F-gas Regulation was reached on October 5, 2023. 

Even if the legal text is currently not available for consultation, the Clean Cooling Coalition reacts here below to the press releases that were published by the European Council, the Parliament and the Commission following this provisional agreement. 

The Coalition welcomes the provisional agreement, especially the HFC phase out by 2050 as well as the different kinds of bans that are understood to tackle heat pumps in domestic capacities. The Coalition also understands that some of these bans will apply to all fluorinated refrigerants, regardless of the distinction between HFCs or HFOs, and therefore congratulates decision makers for giving this strong regulatory signal to the market, a first in the world of legislation tackling fluorinated gasses. Although the legislation seems to not be as strict in many areas as we would have liked, it hopefully will work as an encouragement for manufacturer and consumers to focus future investment into natural refrigerant options already from today, as the legislation sends a clear indication that the long term solution in all sectors should be solutions with natural refrigerants.

The Coalition has advocated for strong measures with regard to bans in as many segments as possible, reflecting the availability of multiple alternatives that satisfy the same end-uses. The Coalition appreciates the substantial impact that the HFC phase out by 2050 will have on the use of fluorinated refrigerants, yet it believes that bans are a clearer signal – given the availability of technologies based on natural refrigerants, often from European companies, stronger action in this regulation would benefit climate ambition, environmental protection and the European economy. 

The Coalition looks forward to consulting the final text once published in the coming weeks. 

 *Not all members of the Coalition can support this reaction at this stage.